Vetiver (Khus) Root is brown colored root, with earthy aroma and refreshing taste. It is a natural coolant, and is known to soothe the body, skin and nose. It is one the herb known for its uplifting properties.


Key Benefits-

  • It cools down the skin, and scalp. This make it perfect for summers, but it can be used in winters as well.
  • It is known to reduce itching, inflammation, redness and dandruff.
  • It helps with mild physical exfoliation of skin.
  • It is anti-bacterial and alkaline in nature. Hence, it pushes out the bacterias from the skin surface as well.


How to use-

For consumption-

Add it to your foods, recipes, spice blends, deserts, beverages or while garnishing, to add color, aroma and flavor.


For hair/face/body-

  • Take some vetiver root powder in a bowl. Add activating medium of your choice (such as, water, curd, herbal tea, etc).
  • You can add any other powder or clay of your choice as per application (such as adding hibiscus powder for hair, or kaolin clay for face or body)
  • After 5 minutes of activation, apply all over your face, body, scalp and hair lengths*.
  • Leave for required time (5 minutes for face/body and 30 minutes for hair).

Vetiver/Khus Root Powder [Edible]

  • Ingredients

    Vetiver/Khus Root Powder

  • Shelf Life/Expiry Date

    Best before 06 months from date of packaging.

  • Precautions

    1. Check for individual allergies upon consumption.
    2. Patch test recommended.
    3. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep it away from humidity.
    4. Not an alternative to medical treatments.