Vetiver/Khus Root Hydrosol is one of those with the earthy aroma. It is a grass which is used in medicine, perfume, food and handicrafts as well.  


Key Benefits:

  • It helps promote sleep, improves skin health, uplift mood, and reduce anxiety.
  • It is sweet, pleasant and earthy in aroma. Hence, it makes a great body spray, hair spray or even a face spray.
  • It is coolant in nature, reducing heat and balancing Pitta Dosha.
  • It also reduces acidity, due to its alkaline nature.
  • It aids digestion, reduces nausea, purify blood, and minimises itching.
  • It cools down the skin temperature, further saving skin from heat damage.


How to use Hydrosols?

  • Add required drops of the hydrosol to warm water, mix well and consume.
  • Add required drops of hydrosol in the beverage or culinary item of your choice.
  • Spray it on your face after cleansing, and apply serum/moisturiser on damp skin.
  • Mix the hydrosol with any powdered cleanser/mask to activate it.
  • Spray them on face while travelling for cooling effects.
  • Spray it on your scalp/hair before applying oil or serum to reduce frizz.

Vetiver Hydrosol [Edible]

  • What are hydrosols?

    Hydrosols are herbal water, obtained by condensation of the water that has been evaporated (a process of known as distillation). The water that is being distilled has the herb (flower, root, branch, etc) inside the boiler, due to which the water soluble content of the herb is mixed with distilled water (called Hydrosol). These are suitable for all skin types, and are potent herbal waters for consumption as well

  • Shelf Life/Expiry Date

    Best before 06 months from date of packaging.

  • Precautions

    • Check for individual allergies upon consumption.
    • Patch test recommended.
    • Store in a cool, dry place. Keep it away from humidity.
    • Not an alternative to medical treatments.
  • Ingredients

    Pure Steam Distilled Vetiver/Khus Hydrosol

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