Lavender Buds have the aroma and flavor of vibrance. It is naturally soothing and calming in nature, with a refreshing and floral flavor. 



Application of Lavender Buds-


As a solution to stress, sleep, and digestion: Brew a few dried buds of lavender in hot water for 5 minutes. Strain and enjoy. You may add sweetner or additives of your choice. It is known to be relaxing in nature, thus promoting sleep. It is also known for its digestive benefits. You can even prepare Lavender Lemonade.


As face toner / body spray: Add some lavender buds to water and let it steep for a few hours. Spray it on your face as toner, or on body as body spray for aroma. You can even use cooled lavender tea (without any sweetener/ additives) for this purpose. Store it in refrigerator and use within 2-3 days.


As hair tea: Add some lavender buds to water and let it steep for a few hours, or take some cooled lavender tea (without any sweetener/ additives). Use this to prepare your hair masks or last rinse after shampoo for shiny and mild aromatic hair.


As maceration to oils: Add some dried lavender buds to an airtight clean container. Pour the bottle with any carrier oil of your choice. Close it and keep it in warm sun for a week. Use this oil for your hair, face or consumption purposes, as applicable, within 2-3 months.


As aromatherapy- Spray your lavender face / hair / body spray on your pillow for relaxed sleep. Burn a few lavender buds, or add it to melted wax/ diffusers for aromatherapy.


As body relaxer- Add few lavender buds to your bathing water (with or without epsom salt), a few minutes before bathing. It will relax down the body, and leaves a soothing aroma.

Lavender Herb Tea (Edible)

  • Best before 06 months from date of packaging.