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Hey There!

Welcome to 'The Hues'. The foundation of the idea is to bring forward to you the concept of choosing your colors of life that brings auspiciousness to your health and soul. What you choose can vary from what we choose. Our hues includes bringing the beauty, wellness, peace, determination, healing, laughter, freedom, etc. This is the intention we offer and serve you with here.! 

Our Product Concept

Our primary range of products, include, basic/raw products, such as, pure steam distilled hydrosol, cold pressed oils, whole herbs, floral/herbal powders. While not everything fits in the concept of 'one-size-fits-all', it is not true that everything consumable is a beauty product too. However, if we look upon listed product range, they do fit the category that is used is both areas. Our concept to bring such products is to expand the usability of these products. Buy one, and use many concept is what fits here. Steam distilled hydrosols/herbal waters are as good for consumption as for skin/hair. Same goes with others as well. Such products of ours are wildly grown and sourced directly from Farmers, hand-processed (such as removal of shells/covers, peeling, etc), prepared in limited (small) quantities and served earliest.

Besides that, our product range does have products specific to given categories, such as, clays under beauty category only, candles/pain relief roll on under wellness category. This is because we do understand that not every product can fit our more than one uses. While its great to be a multi-master, it is equally applaudable if it (someone) works in a particular category. No pressure to outgrow everything is key to ensure your worth.

Ours is more a women-led platform, where most services are given by women enabling them to step towards self-reliability. However, we do believe in giving back, through our 'Donate Program' (where we donate 5% of our sales quarterly to different causes of society) as well as 'Reuse Program' (where we accept empties in return of coupon to reduce consumption of packaging material). Join us on our journey, and write to us for any queries.